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Landlords regret investing in buy-to-let

Landlords regret investing in buy-to-let – Over half (53%) of landlords would not have purchased their properties in the first place had they known how regulated the Private Rented Sector would become, research from property development firm Accumulate Capital has found. Over a third (37%) of property investors plan to sell at least one of […]

Letting Agents anticipate rent increases in 2020

Letting Agents anticipate rent increases in 2020 –  The majority (84%) of letting agents think rent prices will rise next year, up from two thirds (65%) last year, ARLA Propertymark has predicted. More than three fifths (61%) think demand will continue to increase, but almost seven in 10 (68%) reckon the number of landlords operating in […]


Buying a House Homeowners call for the government to ban gazumping

Buying a House Homeowners call for the government to ban gazumping Looking to move home, buying a house can be stressful enough. Four in five (80%) homebuyers would like the government to introduce laws preventing gazumping in England and Wales. A third (31%) have experienced the phenomenon in the past decade, research commissioned by Market […]


Price Comparisons of Leave and Remain areas of England

With Brexit delayed again and a general election announced the upheaval caused by uncertainty in the housing market is not set to go away just yet but new research shows how voting intentions have affected prices. Leave voting areas have recorded higher average house price increases than Remain voting areas since the European Union referendum […]

Buying a New House. Questions To Ask

Buying a New House – Questions To Ask Buying a new house can be a stressful time and quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve made a shortlist of questions to ask the seller: 1. How much interest has been shown in the house When buying a brand new house there tends to […]

Tips for a stress-free move

10 top tips for a stress-free move Planning in advance and getting organised means less stress and more time to celebrate. Moving to a new home is exciting – you get a fresh start, new opportunities and the chance to make your new place your own. That doesn’t mean it can’t feel overwhelming at times. […]

Money saving tips for moving house

Money saving tips for moving house A property will probably be the biggest purchase you ever make, but that’s no reason to spend more than you need to on removals. Check out our tips for saving whilst moving. Moving home can cost a lot money, and I’m not just talking about the conveyancing, surveys and removals (on top […]

Moving House What is gazumping? Is it legal?

Moving House – What is gazumping? Is it legal? Gazumping occurs when a buyer has had an offer to purchase a property accepted by the seller, but before the sale is completed the seller accepts a better offer from another buyer. It can be a crushing disappointment to lose out on a property you had […]

Moving House Property Pitfalls

The five property pitfalls that are most likely to scupper your house sale – and why many buyers regret compromising on location One in five compromise on their preferred area – hating the choice later Similar number paid more for their home than they wanted to Nuisance neighbours and structural problems create serious doubt from […]

Getting Organised, Buying & Selling a house

How getting organised can help you to take the stress out of buying or selling a house Stress and moving house go hand-in-hand — you can’t have one without the other. But does it really have to be that way? The Government is asking estate agents, lawyers and mortgage firms how they can make moving […]